Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sherpa Say What!

So i have totally not been writing every day like i have been meaning to. i know i know my sherpa Nathan is going to be like Dude Write down what your thinking about and just let it come out as your thinking about. but he is in Italy living with his woman who so it sounds like Hey Write Down What Your Thinking! ( starting off the the words in caps clearly is ment to show how the Italian people have had an effect on Nathan and now he speaks with different inflection in his voice and with his hands more then a gay during pride in nyc) Wow that was a run on thought if i have ever had one.

I like writing about my sherpa because he is also my best friend. almosr 12 years and through all the fun, good, bad, wild, strange and amazeballs times we have had there is no one else i know that has my back more then he does. well my brothers steven and jason and my man Mark, but that is not to down play the importance of Nathan, or my brother from another mother ( hi Cindy ) ( I called her cindy, lol im 31 years old and i have never called her cindy always Mrs. Rogers )

So Nathan moved to Italy when life here hit the fan, and by that i mean SHIT WENT CRAZY in all the bad ways. A few years ago when i almost died and lost my arm he was one of the first faces i remember seeing when i woke up after the surgeries. Which was awesome because my birthday and the Superbowl were around the same time and my bed and all the drugs i was on made me the perfect table for the beer i was not allowed to have and all the food chips and stuff that were enjoyed as i passed out randomly again due to the massive amount of drugs i was on in the hospital ! but even though he was not able to be there with me this time he is always a phone call or skype session away! Thank God he set up skype for me because my dumb ass could not figure it out to save my life, sometimes im about as fast as a special olympic hurdler.

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