Sunday, May 15, 2011

Honey Bagers, Life & Love

I cant sleep. I know im not supposed to censor myself on here since no one can see it, and it is just for me to get out everything going on in my head, but im almost afraid to write some things down. If I write them down it makes some things real, even though they are real with or with out me actually putting them down. In the past when I have let people in or even just let people know things that are going on in my life, things tend to fall apart or come back to haunt me in a way. I unfortunatly have had some people come in and out of my life that I trusted who have done things to intentionally harm me emotionally, professionally and the worst physically. So much to the point that I had one of the worst years ever in 2010. But now its a new year and things have done a complete 180. life is actually going well and there is a lot of amazing things that have happened this year. I have the lead in a new feature film, I have an amazing relationship that is making me so happy I can not even begin to express it. I dont want to write more tonight, im just anxious and I know I need to be somewhere i can not be tomorrow and it is killing me inside. I love my HB

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